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Who We Are

Mave Moves is a Human Movement Education Business. We teach you how to move well so you can live life better.

Our Mission
Our Mission at Make Moves is to build sound minds in strong bodies in ways that are safe, fun, and effective.

Our Vision
Our Vision is fostering and growing a community of mindful movers though the provision of facilities, education and the means to discover and create a movement-rich way of life. We love to move, explore, laugh, and live life fully. We aim to be the best part of our client's day. We know that bodies are made to be resilient, strong and to last a lifetime. Therefore no one should have to live thinking that they will always have pain, or feel weak and broken. It is our endeavour to show that change happens through movement; and movement can heal. We teach our community how to move well so they can live better.

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